Our Partners

  • Animal Sera.
  • Animal Plasma.
  • Microbiological reagents.
  • Protein fractions for cell culture, diagnostics and therapeutic purpose.
  • Polyclonal products.

CHO cell lines

  • World leader in mammalian CHO  Cell Line 
  • Development services
  • High-producing, stable RCBs.
  • High titer Mabs & Fabs expression

Mini & Parallel Bioreactors

  • Mini Bioreactor for product development
  • 35-100ml- pre sterilized single use vessel.
  • Single use bioprocess connectors.
  • Parallel Bioreactors.
  • Connector Assemblies.

Roller apparatus and Labware

  • Touch Screen Bottom Drive Roller Apparatus
  • Labware – DeLong Flask, media bottles.
  • 2-Port Erl Flask Assy,1000mL, Sero CPT Pipette, Freeze-Dry Ampoule, Replacement Pipette Holder, stand.
  • Spinner Flasks, Flask carrier, digital overhead drive motor and accessories.
  • 3L, 7L, and 15 Liter glass bioreactor, Motor control module.
  • Basic plastic labware, Magnetic stirrer, Water bath.

Cell Rapture Solutions and Ultra High Pressure Homogenizer

  • Laboratory Homogenizers.
  • Production Homogenizers.
  • High-Pressure Food Processing.
  • Features:  Pressure: 1,500 psi (10 MPa) to 60,000
  • Psi (410 MPa), processing cells: 1 ml, 10 ml, 18 ml and 35ml, Flow rate- 200 ml/min.

Bio-Layer Interferometry & Flow Cytometry

A Trusted Partner for the Biopharmaceutical Industry and Laboratories.

Analytical Products

  • Handheld Raman Spectrometer.
  • Benchtop Raman Spectrometer with Microscope.
  • Minispec mqOne , mqOne , LF series – TD- NMR
    • mqone SFC Analyzer, 
    • mqone Total Fat Analyzer, 
    • mqone Seed Analyzer/XL et Seed Analyzer
    • mqone Spin Finish Analyzer
    • mqone Hydrogen Analyzer
    • mqone Polymer Analyzer
    • Minispec mq, versatile system
    • Minispec LF series


  • Microfluidic drug encapsulations, liposome synthesis
  • Cell encapsulation in microdroplets
  • Nanoparticle synthesis
  • Bulk precision manufacturing of mRNA and oncology vaccines
The SERATEC® rapid detection kits combines the detection of human bodily fluids which is Easy in use, directly at crime scenes or in the laboratory. Fast and reliable result after only 5 -10 minutes. High sensitivity of human hemoglobin, cut-off at 20 ng/mL. Sensitive detection of D-dimer, cut-off 400 ng/mL is optimized for menstrual blood. The test is specific to human hemoglobin and D-dimer. Sample material remains suitable for DNA extraction and profiling.
  • Global biotechnology company for fungal cell line
  • Patented and proprietary C1 expression system
  • Production of commercial-scale monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, biosimilars & other therapeutic proteins.

Downstream Resins & Cassettes

  • Amsphere A3 – Protein A chromatography resin
  • Chromassette– chromatography packaged in a cassette
  • Magnosphere – Magnetic microparticles (Chemically and Biologically functionalized)
  • Blockmaster – Blocking agent (100% chemically synthesized polymers)
  • IMMUTEX – Uniform-sized polystyrene latex (PSL) particle for agglutination tests in clinical diagnostics.

Industrial Scale Bioreactors

  • Customized industrial scale bioreactor.
  • Single-use bioreactor upto 6KL
  • Single use fermenter upto 1KL
  • Traditional SS fermenters also available

Equipments and Critical Raw Materials

  • Programmable for full automation
  • GMP area compatible
  • Low maintenance electric motor.
  • For multiple Cell-STACK & Hyper-STACK
  • US origin FBS 
  • Cell culture media 


  • Yeast extracts, high quality Nitrogen source
  • Media Feeds for fermentation
  • High amino nitrogen
  • Biopharma and Vaccine manufacturing grade.
  • Customized packing and products 

Applied Physics and Engineering Research

  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM).
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM).
  • Nanotechnology applications
  • Integration with third party spectroscopes.

Thermal and Material Science

  • Thermal Analysis 
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Micro Calorimetry
  • Rheology / Rubber
  • ElectroForce 

Analytical Equipments

  • GC MS/MS
  • ION Chromatography
  • Sample preparation


Microread Genetics an industry leader in forensic science industry with its self-developed autosomal and sex-chromosome STR amplification kits with an annual sales of millions tests. The newly developed automatic DNA extraction machine&kit, sample keeper, and analysis software make Microread Genetics a supplier of integrated solutions for forensic science applications. To keep pace with the technical breakthroughs, we’re also developing services and products like mitochondria sequencing, and NGS kit for forensic applications. We believe these new techniques will bring our forensic customers more powerful tools to solve their complex problems.