Market We Serve

Our products and solutions address the rapidly evolving needs of a diverse array of customers in Biopharma, forensics, food processing – quality and safety, healthcare, research, pharmaceuticals, applied markets, cell biology, microbiology, and nanotechnology research.


BioZed’s unique (bio)pharma offering covers a broad range of analytical techniques, that generate the superior data needed to accelerate discovery, development, and manufacturing, while reducing risk and time-to-market.

BioZed provided technology, applications is central to the drug discovery and development pipeline. From the rapid structural identification and in vitro metabolic stability needs of the Early Discovery phase, through to the integrated Qual/Quant and low-level quantitation requirements of the Development phase. We offer an innovative set of chromatography, mass spectrometry, Single Use Bioreactors, Ultra High-Pressure Homogenizers, software, and compliance & validation solutions to meet the demands of modern therapeutic drug development.


At BioZed, we understand the critical role that forensic science plays in investigations. Our state-of-the-art forensic solutions which include instruments, software’s, reagents, and kits, to investigate a wide range of crimes from trace evidence analysis to fingerprinting and DNA identification by Forensic scientists and law enforcement agencies. 

Our testing kits and software’s are also proficient in evaluating body fluids and determining compounds, such as drugs or other hazardous chemicals, Relationship DNA testing to Genetic Testing which can provide valuable insights for Law agencies and individuals.

Food Processing

The globalized food supply chain poses serious challenges to producers, brands, consumers, and governments. An ever-intensifying worldwide competition, a growing number of contaminants and a strong demand for food quality control are constantly increasing the number of stringent regulations. At BioZed, provide solutions to safeguard the quality and safety of food & beverages, animal feed and agricultural products throughout the whole supply chain − from product development and production up to quality control and incoming inspections. We offer mobile, lab-based, and on-line systems to reliably identify and quantify agents, substances, and trace elements.

Our spectroscopy solutions from Major International Brands, for food, beverages, and feed manufacturing and process industry is used throughout the whole production process to ensure quality, reduce waste, and cut time and financial costs along the production chain.  

FT-NIR, XRF, versatile and easy-to-use bench-top TD-NMR analyzer, NMR is being used for the analysis of Edible Oils & Fats , Sugar & Honey, Milk & Dairy Products, Meat & Meat Products, and Snacks to analyse macronutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, protein, moisture and salt content ,macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, and heavy metals, additives such as calcium and iron within seconds.


Single-use technology platform

BioZed is revolutionizing the way biomolecules are developed, manufactured, and commercialized. BioZed provides unique single-use technology platform transforming biomanufacturing economics, enabling the development of biotherapeutics and vaccines, and dramatically improving the ability of manufacturers to deploy manufacturing capacity. 

We offer a suite of world-class products and services to support the adoption of its platform. These include single-use bioreactors, high-throughput process development and optimization services, and proven GMP manufacturing operated by an experienced CMC team. We also actively seek creative partnerships to facilitate access to the platform.

Genetic and Precision Medicine Testing line of Solutions

The reproductive genetic product line fully covers all stages of the three-level prevention of birth defects. It can effectively avoid the birth of children with defects through pre-pregnancy and pre-natal screening and genetic counseling. Also, Newborn screening is helpful for early intervention and treatment of diseases, and helps babies grow up healthily.

Testing Includes: 

      • Fragile X Syndrome (FMR1 and FMR2)
      • Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)
      • Y Chromosome Microdeletion
      • Chromosomal Aneuploidy
      • Hereditary Deafness T7 
      • Maternal Blood Contamination

About 90% of cancer patients will use anti-tumor drugs in the course of treatment, but everyone's response to the drugs is different. Therefore, genetic testing is required, which can help doctors to prescribe the right medicine to accurately combat tumors, realizing the treatment concept of "same cancer with different treatments, different cancers with same drugs", while reducing the side effects of tumor drugs.

Our Micro Satellite Instability (MSI) helps determine approach to the following:

The MSI test that we offer help the doctors and Patients decide and determine the line of precise treatment the patient need to be administer, for effective and efficient treatment.

  • Corresponding drugsPD-1 immunosuppressant
  • Detection methodfluorescent PCR-capillary electrophoresis
  • Applicable samplestumor tissue + peripheral blood

Cardiovascular: Cardiovascular Testing Service includes analysis of  the common clinically used genes related to drug- related metabolic enzymes, target, and transporters, which can provide patients with customized and Flexible personalized testing packages, helping doctors to gradually move towards precision treatment.

The drug targets include: 

  • CYP2C19, CYP2C9:  Genotyping Kit Genotyping Kit for Clopidogrel resistance
  • CYP2C9, VKORC1, CYP4F2, GGCX: Genotyping Kit Genotyping Kit for Warfarin resistance
  • COX1, GP1BA, LTC4S: Aspirin drug resistant test
  • SLCO1B, ApoE:  for Statins personalized medication gene detection
  • ADRB1, CYP2D6, NPPA, CYP3A5, ACE, CYP2C9, AGTR1: Genotyping kit for Statin precision medication
  • OCT, CYP2C9, PARγ, SLCO1B1: Hyperglycaemia drug-related gene testing
  • MTHFR, MTRR: Used for folic acid metabolism rate assessment.
  • MCM6 gene : Lactose Metabolism Detection


The Covid-19 pandemic has not led a huge demand for innovations in the pharma sector, but has also given a fillip to research and development (R&D), which have become the most important segment needed to meet the rising demand of more vaccines, along with drug and therapeutics to fight emerging diseases. With this in mind, domestic pharma firms are now looking at ramping up their investments in innovatory products and R&D exercise.

Life science is changing rapidly and constantly. New discoveries lead to more efficient and faster development of innovative molecular research methods as well as small and large molecular therapeutics – thus creating a basis for sustainable growth in these markets. With innovative solutions BioZed supports pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and development organizations in driving therapeutical advancements, managing costs, expanding analytical capabilities and significantly increasing productivity.


In today’s market, consumers have an increasing number of dietary nutrients and supplements available to them to help improve their overall health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory agencies continue to update their regulations for the quality and safety of such products, creating a challenge for manufacturers and distributors to ensure compliance.

BioZed provides comprehensive solution for both dietary nutrients and supplements manufacturers and products for end consumers.

Our services includes accurate, reliable third-party testing, supply of state-of art instruments viz ICP-MS, HPLC-UV , LC-MS ,GC-MS helping dietary nutrients and supplements manufacturers bring new products to market and maintain the quality of existing products.

BioZed’s Nutritional products are designed to combat Malnutrition effectively. They offer several advantages, including easy delivery, long shelf life, and high quality. 

We innovate & manufacture science-based, great-tasting, high quality nutrition products that provide health, wellness & fitness, a well-balanced comprehensive nutritional solution designed to address the complex issue of malnutrition, in Urban and Vulnerable populations. 

By focusing on various manifestations of malnutrition, BioZed aims to make a significant impact in this critical area of global health.