BioZed is a promising newcomer in the arena of malnutrition solutions. Malnutrition is a health condition that arises from an individual’s intake of energy and nutrients being either deficient, excessive, or imbalanced. Malnutrition prevents individuals, families, communities, and countries from achieving their potential. Malnutrition encompasses the following conditions: Firstly, undernutrition, which manifests as wasting (low weight relative to height), stunting (low height relative to age), and being underweight (low weight relative to age). Undernutrition can be further divided into four sub-categories: wasting, stunting, being underweight, and deficient in vitamins and minerals. This condition particularly endangers children, making them more susceptible to diseases and increasing their risk of mortality. Wasting, or low weight-for-height, typically signifies recent and severe weight loss.

This can be due to inadequate food intake or the presence of an infectious disease like diarrhoea, which leads to weight loss. Young children who are moderately or severely wasted face a heightened risk of death, but with appropriate treatment, their condition can be improved. Stunting, or low height-for-age, is the outcome of chronic or recurrent undernutrition. It is often linked poor socioeconomic conditions, substandard maternal health and nutrition, frequent illnesses, and improper feeding and care during infancy and early childhood. Stunting hinders children from achieving their full and cognitive potential.

BioZed’s products are designed to combat these issues effectively. They offer several advantages, including easy delivery, long shelf life, and high quality. Moreover, their nutritional parameters align with the requirements of leading NGOs. These products are not just food items; they are comprehensive nutritional solutions designed to address the complex issue of malnutrition, particularly in vulnerable populations. By focusing on various manifestations of malnutrition, BioZed aims to make a significant impact in this critical area of global health.