Forensic Solutions (Instruments, Consumables and Software)

At BioZed, we understand the critical role that forensic science plays in investigations. Our state-of-the-art forensic lab equipment is specifically designed to detect, collect, and process samples and evidence from crime scenes, suspects, and victims Our team of highly skilled crime lab analysts applies the principles of biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology to uncover crucial results. With advanced technologies in every subfield of forensic science, our forensic scientists are equipped to investigate a wide range of crimes. 

From trace evidence analysis to fingerprinting and DNA identification, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice. Our experts are also proficient in evaluating body fluids and determining compounds, such as drugs or other hazardous chemicals, which can provide valuable insights. At BioZed, we take pride in our fully equipped laboratory that supports these investigations. We understand the importance of reliable and accurate results, which is why we supply high-quality consumables and rapid testing kits to various agencies. Our commitment to excellence ensures that law enforcement agencies have they need to analyze evidence and bring criminals to justice. Trust BioZed for all your forensic science needs. Our innovative solutions, combined with our dedication to precision and attention to detail, make us the ideal partner for crime lab investigations. Together, can make a difference in the fight against crime.


We offer Unique solutions like


Human Identification Kits including

  • Autosomal STR kits
  • Y Chromosomal STR kits
  • X Chromosomal STR kits
  • Rapidly Mutant Y STR kits
  • Non-CODIS marker STR Kits


Forensic DNA Database Solutions