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Our Services

We use our dedicated global account focus to integrate our skills and knowledge across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and agribusiness.

+ Markets we Serve

Markets we Serve

The life sciences industry today is facing major challenges in the form of patent expiry, shift to Biotechs, changing government regulations, increasing competition from generics, shift in product demand from developed nations to emerging markets and increasing focus on patient centricity. With increasing M&As in the industry, there is an urgent need for the companies with disparate systems to have synergies and speak the same language. The industry is now looking at new business models and solutions that will deliver superior business outcomes while at the same time optimize costs, reduce time to market for a drug and meet the regulatory requirements.

We serve markets like:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharma
  • Other Life sciences (Herbal, Ayurvedic etc.)
  • Environmental Sciences, water analysis
  • Hospital Industry
  • Process Industry
  • University research & Education
  • Agro and Food industry
  • Research Institutes like BARC/TIFR/CIFE/IIGS
We provide specialized solutions for: Research and production of Vaccines, Enzymes, Hormones, Steroids, API's Bulk Drugs, Vitamins, Antibiotics and specialty Chemicals

+ Core Activities

Our Core Activities include:

  • Training , Consultancy, Contract development
  • Research Instruments
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Cost effective Pilot and plant level production machinery
  • For the most critical areas of Biotech industry including Lyophilization,
  • Fermentation and Particle sizing

+ Solutions for Particle Sizing

Solutions for Particle Sizing

Products include: Cell Rupture, Microencapsulating, Deaglowmerisation, Liposomes, Bioemulsification, Particle size reduction, High Pressure Homogenization. We welcome customers samples for any of the above jobs. We also provide above instruments on lease